Centrium has a built-in notification system that ensures that you are always up to date with all important events in your company.

These notifications will be sent directly to you e-mail, they will be also displayed on your dashboard.

You will receive a notification whenever someone:

  • assigns you a new task,
  • finishes your task,
  • finishes a task assigned by you,
  • adds a note to your task,
  • assigns you a new deal,
  • changes the stage of your deal or deal added by you,
  • changes the status of project or deal that is assigned to you or added by you
  • comments your note,
  • comments a note you have also commented,
  • adds a note to your deal or project.

E-mail notifications may be delivered:

  • never (turn off e-mail notifications),
  • immediately (every 10 minutes),
  • every hour
  • once a day,

You can change this setting in your user profile in "Notification settings" tab.

To view recent notifications in Centrium, click the bell icon in top right corner.