Centrium allows you to store the history of contact communication and other important information in the form of notes.
Notes are divided into two basic types:

  • System Notes - recorded automatically by Centrium to track important events - like winning a deal, delegation of tasks, etc.
  • User Notes - published by user during day-to-day work such as details about a phone call or sending a business offer.

To better organize your notes, Centrium allows you to define note types. When publishing a note, user can select its type from list of types.

To add a note with different type, please use the small arrow on "Add note" button and pick the right type.

An account admin can add new or change existing note types in the settings panel, Notes tab.

Setting up a color for each note type will help you to visually identify top priority notes, and you can also filter notes by type on note lists.

You can also attach files to your notes, keeping important documents, invoices or images at your fingertips.