Centrium account admins can invite additional team members to an account. Follow this guide on how to add an user:

1) Go to Centrium settings

Click the "cog" icon in top right corner and select "Profile and Settings"

2) Go to the Users tab

Use the left menu to go to the users tab (1) and click the invite button (2).

3) Add new invitation

Fill in the e-mail address, and set up the permissions of the new user, pick if he/she should be an account admin and set the data export privilege.

Account admin can manage Centrium account, delete it, invite or delete users and sees all data in Centrium account, even those set up as private.

Data export privilege allows the user to export any data in CSV or XLS format.

4) The invited user will get an e-mail.

The received email message will contain an activation link to accept the invitation.

On the page it leads to, the invited user needs to set up his/her password and provide first and last name. After this, he/she will get access to the app.