Every account in Centrium uses the same latest version of our software, however you can still customize Centrium to fit your needs.

You can upload your company logo and customize system look's by changing color theme. To change your company logo, just look for your company contact on contacts list and edit it just like any other contact in Centrium.

To change the color theme - account owner can go to look and feel settings page ( https://app.centriumcrm.com/#settings/look-and-feel ) and pick the version that best fits your company branding. 

You can also define custom task,contact and note types and setup deal stages. Account owner can do this by using the "Settings" part in the account settings page:

You can change Centrium settings by going to application settings option in settings menu (top right corner), or use this link: https://app.centriumcrm.com/#settings.

You need to be an account administrator to do this.