Centrium account owner (usually the account creator) can cancel the service by going to Centrium account settings and requesting to close the account.

If you prefer to disable billing instead of deleting your account and all data - visit Billing tab. In this case you will be no longer billed, and your account will be blocked after your current subscription period runs out.

Step 1:

Open Centrium settings

Step 2:

Go to account summary and select "Delete account"

Step 3:

Read the provided information and confirm the delete action.

After clicking Delete, your account will be permanently deleted. You will have no option to revert this operation. We will remove all information stored in your account. All users registered in this account will be notified by e-mail that this account has been deleted. If you have active billing profile it will be cancelled for you automatically.

For security purposes, we will keep your data for seven days after the account delete action was performed. After this date, all data contained in your Centrium account will be removed from our servers.