If you have only one user and less than 1 GB data - your account is free forever.
If you need more resources than our free plan (users or disk space) - we will ask you to configure billing.
You can view our prices here: http://centriumcrm.com/pricing.

Subscription for Centrium will be billed monthly after your 30 days trial. If your subscription fails - your account will be blocked until we receive payment for next billing cycle.

All your payments will be processed with automatic subscriptions from Braintree Payments - a division of Paypal - to guarantee safe and secure billing.
You can learn more about billing security here: https://www.braintreegateway.com/merchants/g6b9k8mxb7w5rbvj/verified

Account owner (usually the person who created Centrium account) can configure billing going to the "Billing" tab in Centrium account settings, where you can choose the number of users( and storage space) you need.
A detailed instruction on how to configure billing can be found here : http://support.centriumcrm.com/solution/articles/15158-how-to-set-up-centrium-subscription-step-by-step-instruction

You can always change your plan to a higher one, just increase the number of max users.
You can lower the max users number only when your current disk usage and user count is lower than the new max users setting.

If you upgrade your plan in the middle of a billing cycle, you will get the better plan features immediately. If you downgrade your plan, you will have lower plan limits immediately. We do not give refunds for partial months on lower plan.
If you have billing configured and want to change your plan - adjust your subscription settings and you will be billed according to the new settings on next billing cycle.

A detailed instruction on how to manage your current subscription can be found here: http://support.centriumcrm.com/solution/articles/214700-how-to-modify-my-current-centrium-subscription